Streamline your accounting processes with automated reconciliations

Power up your favorite Otelier product with Rec. Automate bank reconciliations and income audit journaling. Effortlessly reconcile OTA and third-party bookings. Elevate your back office processes, drive accuracy, and optimize efficiency to unlock revenue with Rec.

Automate bank reconciliations

Reconcile cash deposits and credit card transactions effortlessly. Rec compares and matches your internal records to your bank statements.

Reconcile OTA bookings effortlessly

Easily reconcile and avoid overpaying commissions to OTAs like and Expedia. Keep tabs on booking status, cancellations, and room charges for bookings with ease.

Automate income audit journaling

Automate the daily transfer of reconciled income directly to your hotel’s accounting system, including revenue, taxes, cash, credit card transactions and ledger balances.

Track guest folio issues

Stay on top of guest issues like refunds and card returns within the business summary dashboard, ensuring GMs and property management teams are always informed.

Otelier Rec

Otelier Rec works seamlessly with DigiAudit, DigiPay, TruePlan, and IntelliSight products, providing you with comprehensive operational performance management.

Rec Features

DigiAudit-Solution-Review and Collaborate-Icon-1

Bank reconciliations dashboard

IntelliSight-Solution-Capture Clean Data-Icon-1

OTA reconciliations dashboard

IntelliSight-Solution-Easily Identify Opportunities-Icon-1

Third-party reconciliations dashboard


Guest folio issue tracking

TruePlan-Solution-Use Comprehensive Data Analysis-Icon-1

Tax and variance analytics

DigiAudit-Solution-Securely view and modify-Icon-1

Income audit journaling

DigiAudit-Product-Track Report and Signature Compliance-Icon-1

Journaling status report

DigiAudit-Benefit-Signature Compliance-Icon-1

OTA reconciliation status report

Improve the OTA reconciliation process


Drive efficiency and unlock revenue with effortless bank and OTA reconciliation workflows.

Make income journal audits a breeze with Otelier Rec.

Income Journal

Ensure precise data in your hotel’s accounting system with automated daily income audit journaling tools. 

Add-on: Financial reconciliation to elevate your workflow

Rec powers up any Otelier product and makes bank, OTA, and third-party reconciliations easy and scalable for hoteliers.

Always Innovating to Keep You Ahead

Connect with us to learn more about how to streamline your reconciliations process.

What Our Customers Say

Amish Patel
CEO, JDH Developers
Amish Patel
CEO, JDH Developers
It helps our accounting department reconcile on a daily basis, each morning, to see if any money is missing, identify chargebacks, and make sure deposits match up.

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