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Otelier’s hospitality software enables you to automate back-office tasks, budget and forecast with more ease and accuracy, and see your property or portfolio performance more clearly. 

Take a closer look at our products to discover how to elevate your hotel portfolio performance and run a smoother, more efficient operation. 

Back Office

Centralize and store nightly reports

Access all your nightly reports in one place, with no printer or dusty filing cabinets required. Get secure, instant access to financial reports using an easy-to-search indexed repository with Otelier DigiAudit.

Store nightly reports in a secure cloud environment

Easily search an indexed repository

Provide secure and easy accessibility to your team

Streamline approvals and collaboration

Simplify your night audit compliance process. Otelier DigiAudit gives you the tools to automate workflow tasks and collaborate more effectively.

Automate signature workflow

Markup and commenting

Version control

Stay in audit compliance

Make audits quick and easy. Otelier DigiAudit helps you ensure you stay in audit compliance and standardize the night audit process across your portfolio.

Track report and signature compliance

Get real-time updates

Give auditors secure access to reports

Automate invoice approvals

Get invoices authorized quickly and efficiently. Set up invoice approval workflows with Otelier DigiPay so that invoices are approved by the right person, securely and automatically.

Create authorization workflows that fit your hotels’ specific needs

Utilize custom rules based on amount, department, and more

Direct invoices to the proper authorizer quickly and securely

Pay vendors securely

Automate check writing for vendor payments and deliver payments to vendors using their preferred method. Send and track payments in Otelier DigiPay with REPAY, a third-party payment partner.

Pay vendors automatically upon approval

Track the status of vendor payments seamlessly

Automate journaling into your accounting system

Manage and store invoices

Streamline invoice management with DigiPay. Effortlessly email invoices or upload mailed invoices from any device to automate processing for recurring invoices and organize invoices in secure cloud storage.

Extract key information from invoices automatically

Track invoices from receipt of invoice to payment confirmation

Ensure invoice accuracy by matching to historical records

Streamline OTA reconciliations

Effortlessly reconcile OTA bookings, preventing overpayments to third parties like Booking.com and Expedia. Automate monitoring of booking status, cancellations, and total room rent charged for completed bookings, ensuring accurate commission payments. 

Daily report for reconciling Booking.com, Expedia, and more

Track booking status and total room rent charged automatically

Ensure accurate OTA commissions with streamlined workflow

Automate bank reconciliations

Otelier Rec ensures smooth cash and credit card reconciliation. Verify internal records against bank statements for precise accuracy and confirm funds flow correctly from your PMS/POS to the bank.

Daily workflow for cash and card transaction reconciliation

Automated guest folio reconciliations for efficiency

Identify and address discrepancies between records

Automated income audit journaling

Optimize daily income journal transfers with Otelier Rec. Automate processes for reconciled revenues, taxes, cash, credit card transactions, and ledger balances in your hotel’s accounting system.

Automate daily transfer of reconciled data

Facilitate smooth integration with the hotel’s general ledger

Includes expenses, taxes, cash, and credit card transactions

Budgeting and

Elevate your financial planning process

Execute your budget and forecast process with confidence. Otelier TruePlan delivers a consistent, standardized process to build singular plans at the property and portfolio levels.

Standardize industry-specific drivers to use across your portfolio

Create consistency in the planning process

Compare plans against previous versions

Budget and forecast more efficiently

Jumpstart your financial planning process. Otelier TruePlan automatically consumes audited actuals from your accounting system to inform and produce plans with the right level of fidelity.

Get data at the daily and monthly level per account

Reduce human error and manual work

Eliminate manual data work aggregation

Create accurate forecasts to drive decisions

Make quick and informed decisions with accurate data to maximize revenue and profitability. Otelier TruePlan provides the data and what-if scenarios you need to make better financial decisions.

Utilize predictive models

Collaborate across teams

Explore what-if scenarios