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LODGING Luminaries: Ali Moloo’s Hotel Data Platform Vision Recognized in 2022

Editor’s note: After expanding to include a suite of data solutions for hotel owners and operators, MDO (myDigitalOffice) rebranded to become Otelier in February 2024. Please excuse any brand inconsistencies in the content below.

This article was originally published in LODGING Magazine.

Explore the achievements of Ali Moloo, cofounder of myDigitalOffice, now part of Otelier, recognized in LODGING’s 2022 Luminaries list. Moloo’s innovative hotel data platform has driven remarkable growth, acquisitions, and industry impact, earning Otelier a spot on the Inc 5000 list. Learn how Moloo’s focus on technology and mentorship has shaped the company’s success, making it a vital player in the hospitality back-office technology landscape.

Based on reader nominations, LODGING recognizes dynamic executives who have helped to make 2022 a year of progress in the hotel industry across four key areas. We commend and congratulate Ali Moloo, CEO of myDigitalOffice; Mit Shah, CEO of Noble Investment Group; Naveen P. Kakarla, president and CEO of HHM; and Mehul Patel, managing partner, CEO of NewcrestImage. Each has led his company to remarkable achievements in technology, management, development, and finance, respectively.

Technology | Ali Moloo: MyDigitalOffice cofounder envisioned data platform to ease hoteliers’ pain Points

The business that myDigitalOffice (MDO) CEO Ali Moloo grew up in was not hospitality, yet he helped launch a property management company while he was still attending college in Canada. Subsequently, he leveraged his experience in his family’s office supplies business into a position as CEO of one of the fastest-growing office-product companies in Canada. Then, in 2015, he cofounded MDO to help hospitality executives make data-driven decisions to improve the guest experience and operate more efficiently.

Although he personally didn’t man the front desk or clean guestrooms in a family-run hotel, Moloo learned about the challenges faced by hoteliers from family members who had directly experienced common hospitality pain points. He also learned a lot about running a successful company from being part of his family’s business and witnessing his father’s ability to identify future headwinds for the office-supplies industry. “We focused on people, process, and product,” he says, noting that through digital adoption they managed to both disrupt their own business and leave a smaller environmental footprint.

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