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How Technology is Shaping Hotel Operations

Editor’s note: After expanding to include a suite of data solutions for hotel owners and operators, MDO (myDigitalOffice) rebranded to become Otelier in February 2024. Please excuse any brand inconsistencies in the content below.

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Read Otelier Hospitality Data Evangelist Jason Freed’s article in Hotel Management Magazine, highlighting the transformative impact of technology on hotel operations. Discover how digital tools are reshaping processes, from housekeeping automation and mobile check-ins to digital night audits and revenue management.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, technology has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping various facets of the business. Technology is having a profound impact on all areas of hospitality today, from IT to operations to marketing and beyond.

In the operations department, management companies and hotel GMs are turning to technology to solve perhaps their biggest challenge. Rising operating costs, particularly in labor and distribution, pose a significant threat to hotel operators. The struggle to find and retain qualified staff, coupled with spiking wages, creates constant pressure on the bottom line. 

In the quest for streamlined operations and cost reduction, technology offers many tangible solutions. The adoption of digital tools across the entire hotel back office, from accounting to night audit processes, has proven instrumental in improving efficiency and reducing operational costs. With real-time data and streamlined reporting, hotels can reduce manual accounting processes and significantly cut down on the time-consuming aspects of back-office tasks.

Innovation in Hotel Operations

Technology has ushered in a new era of efficiency and productivity for hotels. One of its key advantages lies in the automation of processes and the elimination of manual tasks. 

Read the full article on to learn how hoteliers are leveraging automation in the back office, embracing flexibility, and prioritizing the guest experience to navigate rising operating costs and ensure long-term success in the evolving hospitality landscape.


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