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MDO, Datavision, Focal Revenue, HelloGM, and InTouch are now Otelier

We optimize performance for hotel owners and operators by harnessing data, easing decision-making and automating the mundane to release hoteliers back into hospitality.


We optimize your portfolio’s performance and make your job more rewarding, presenting the right information for you to make the best decisions more quickly and improving operational efficiency.

Otelier DigiAudit:

Your night audit compliance solution

Release on-property staff back into hospitality with digital workflows and automation. DigiAudit offers night audit compliance, automated signature workflow, compliance reporting, and more!

Otelier TruePlan:

Budget and Forecast with Confidence

Simplify the budgeting and forecasting process with purpose-built hospitality drivers and predictive models. Collaborate seamlessly for a smoother and more efficient financial planning process with TruePlan.

Otelier IntelliSight:

Attain Peak Performance with Complete Insights

Run a world-class operation with the big picture of performance at your fingertips. With more than 100 system integrations, gain insights from ancillary revenue, market intelligence, sales analytics, and so much more with IntelliSight.

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Explore what’s possible with cutting edge hospitality software designed to keep your business at peak performance. We’re here to guide you through the ascent.

Otelier resource hub: Curated to inspire and inform

Consider our Resource Hub as your gateway to the forefront of the hotel technology revolution. Discover key trends, connect your team to best-in-class practices, and uncover strategies that ignite insights.

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MAY 6-9

MAY 6-9

ATM Dubai

The Arabian Travel Market (ATM) stands as a pivotal event in the global travel and tourism calendar, set to take place in Dubai. ATM offers a comprehensive platform for industry professionals to connect, learn, and collaborate.

MAY 14

MAY 14

Otelier Demo Series: TruePlan

Explore real-time collaboration, scenario planning, customizable reporting, and more! Witness first hand how Otelier elevates your budgeting and forecasting game with our TruePlan Demo Series.

MAY 8-9

MAY 8-9


At HSMAI’s Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC), engage in insightful discussions, network with like-minded peers, and gain actionable insights to elevate your revenue game.

MAY 28-29

MAY 28-29

APAC Revenue Management Summit

The Australian Revenue Management Association, ARMA, is putting on its annual Revenue Management Summit in May 2024. At this conference, learn about all of the latest trends in APAC’s revenue management software and strategies.



Otelier Demo Series: IntelliSight

Uncover trends using data-driven insights with the Otelier IntelliSight Demo Series. Witness the seamless integration, intuitive dashboards, and customizable reporting that empower hoteliers with all their critical performance indicators. Join us to see Otelier’s cutting-edge BI solution in action.



Otelier Demo Series: DigiAudit

Unlock efficiency with the Otelier DigiAudit Demo Series. Join us as we showcase Otelier’s revolutionary features that release on-property staff back into hospitality with digital workflows and automation.

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We pride ourselves on enabling simple decisions from complex data, delivering expertise you can rely on and partnership you can trust, and innovating to keep you ahead.

What Hoteliers Say

Jeremy Slone
Director of Technology, Brittain Resorts & Hotels
Jeremy Slone
Director of Technology, Brittain Resorts & Hotels
With generative AI, it’s not just graphs and charts, but we can do short analysis of those numbers and put them in a more common language.
Kyle McCaig
Director of Technology Service Delivery, MCR Hotels
Kyle McCaig
Director of Technology Service Delivery, MCR Hotels
We’re trying to see where those pain points are – things that are having to be done manually, things that are emailed, things that are printed, things that are stored on one computer – and automate all of those pieces.